Hi Cathy

We picked up our beautiful little Australian Cattle Dog on Friday, 10 November and we couldn't be happier. 'Azure' as we have named her is a healthy little Blue Heeler pure bred puppy from a well-organised breeder ACDacres run by Cathy Bush and her team. We were thrilled from the beginning of our first contact with Cathy and received photos on a weekly basis of our little 'Azure' with detailed information on her development. Cathy also sent detailed emails and texts with steps on how to prepare for our newest member of the family, which made for an easy transition for our little 'Azure'. Thank you Cathy for our well organized purchase of our baby who is growing quickly and into all sorts of mischief at just over 4 months old. What a healthy pup she is - very much appreciated.

Sue, Family and Azure J


To Cathy at Acdacres- Australian Cattle Dogs family, We would like to thank you very much for the professional experience we had in choosing the Dog to join our family. During the weeks prior we were excited and kept up to date from birth to Eight weeks with delightful photos of all the puppies progress. When our time came to choosing "The One" our visit was most welcoming and the puppies were all happy, calm and available for handling, we also meet the puppies Parents and extended family. Luckily for me the choosing was easy, it was left up to our son to do that and we are really happy with Atlas! Atlas has been home for two weeks is super quiet and a very happy inquisitive pup.

From a Happy family in South Perth



Hello Cathy... just wanted to say sincere thanks for your services in providing us with an amazing dog...your ongoing communication in the developing puppy from birth to collection is fantastic..we have a fabulous new member to our family and I anticipate she will mature to the high standard of her parents.. after owning blue heelers for over 40 years we are very pleased with your professional assistance..

thanks heaps D.CONNOR (Geraldton)


Thanks for our beautiful Pup Cathy. Your help and constant contact with us as Miki was growing was really special. Miki is a wonderful addition to our family. She is a healthy and really well adjusted pup who has adapted so easily to our lives. She's also found a great mate in our 18 month old cattle dog and she has settled him amazingly! We love her to bits.

Thanks again. Danny and Sarah


Subject : "Boots'

Message : Hi Cathy,
As it approaches Boot's 3rd birthday, I realised I had never written a testimonial.

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful dogs you breed. If it wasn't obvious by the gorgeous puppy we took delivery of in Dec 14 it most certainly is in the wonderful dog he is now. His breeding is evident.

As having previously had Bluey's, character and temperament were something that was very important to us. We had a young family and lived on a farm. We were looking for a well bred dog family dog.

From our very first contact with you we knew it was one of your pups we'd wait for. Your approach to breeding and your lovely dogs are a testament to you and your family. You were so genuinely helpful and even holding on to our pup until we could drive up and collect him.

"Boots" has now grown into the most perfect picture of what we think a Bluey should be, his character and stature make him stick well out inf a crowd and draw people too him. We love the way that he changes the opinions of people we meet with his affectionate and happy personality, constantly bucking the trend of what people think heeler always are. He is a lovely dog, and is welcomed warmly everywhere.

In our travels with him, we have had many comments in particular on his temperament, and his beautiful stature. We believe that part of this is how they're bought up and treated - for sure, but the biggest part is how they are bred and where they started. Boots is loved and admired everywhere we go, and we are delighted to be able to pass on your details to anyone who asks.

Again, thank you Cathy and family for our beautiful "Bootsy"

Cieanne, Andrew and family
Mt Barker WA


Hello Cathy! It's Mark and Glen here, as its Gus's first birthday today we just thought we'd say hello and let you know what a most awesome little bloke he is growing into :) Absolutely the smartest cleverest dog with the most loveable personality and we just can't believe how much he loves to play and cuddle, such a bundle of joy who we couldn't imagine not having now. Thankyou for breeding such awesome dogs and we are so glad to be his dads! Hope all is well :)
(Check out the photos in the photo gallery)


Hi Cathy,

As Jax's birthday approaches next month you have been on my mind many times. I just wanted to tell you how great it is to have him as part of our family. We feel so lucky, he brings so much joy and a lot of laughter.
Since he was little I began taking him to dog training and he is so switched on! He learns so easily and progresses nicely through the classes. Fetch is one of his favourite things and the other would have to be snuggling up to you. He is so funny! He always has to have a paw on you even if you are sitting on the ground with him.
I was looking at one of his puppy photos today and I can't believe how much he has grown!! I have sent through a couple of photos for you. The boys are at me to get a companion for Jax. I may entertain the possibility down the track.
We hope everything is going great for you, your family and your dogs. We will be thinking of you on the 24th of August. Can't believe it has nearly been a year!!

Take care,

Tracy (Check out photos in photo gallery)



Both Coralie and I would like to thank Cathy on all the assistance and time she spent helping us in the lead up to picking up Bruce. Cathy is very professional and always willing to have a chat, ask questions or send out the biweekly photo updates.

Bruce has the makings of an amazing dog and shows all the characteristics we expected. He immediately bonded with us at home and never wants to leave our side. He is confident, healthy and super social.


I would recommend ACDACRES to anyone that is looking to get a Blue Heeler.




My Partner and I now have two dogs through Cathy and couldn't be happier with them.

Cathy breeds amazing dogs that are beautiful and healthy and we love their personalities.

It was a pleasure dealing with her and we loved all the puppy progress photos as they were

growing. If we ever consider more Heeler's we would definitely go to Cathy first! 😊

Anna and Graeme at Mallina Station. 


also sending you a couple of really cute pictures of Heidi and Bash. 😊 (CHECK OUT THE GALLERY)


Anna and Graeme


Hi Cathy- 14/7/16

Very smart and energetic boy. Learnt how to sit on his first day at home. Your service was supreme :)

Robert and Buddy


Hi Cathy, it’s the Kennedy’s,- 08/02/2016

Once again we would love to thankyou for everything that you have done for us. From our first contact with you back in March 2015, you have been a gem with your patients on our journey to gain our desired pup. Whilst we were very fussy with the parents we wanted, you were very obliging, knowledgeable and a joy to deal with. To any perspective Australian Cattle dog buyers we could not recommend Acdacres enough. From being 900+kms away you made us feel very much apart of our puppies journey, from being born, to the day we picked him up. Through the continuous flow of calls and much anticipated pictures every couple of days. We felt special. Grungle has settled in swiftly, he’s no drama at all, even the 900km drive home he behaved perfectly, it was a great bonding experience. He picks things up very quickly and is a very smart dog. He is already showing great signs of being loyal, protective and being a great guard dog. He loves rides on the back of the ute and very partial of going for rides in Mum’s car as he gets to sit in the back seat. If you could draw a detailed picture of a Blue Heeler, it would be just like our pup.
Once again thanks for everything and it was lovely to finally meet you.
Joe, Dale, Deb and Grungle



Hi Cathy- 26/10/15

Glen and I just wanted to let you know that Gus is settling in really well and he has been a absolute little gem! For such a little bloke he has LOADS of personality and has just blown us away with his intelligence :) He definitely has inherited his Dad Cosmo's good looks and loving nature, and we have had so much fun playing and getting him used to his new home.

We also wanted to say thankyou once again for your fantastic service throughout this whole journey - you have been so friendly and helpful, and it's been a pleasure to deal with you. Thankyou especially for the terrific photos you sent us along the way, we have kept every one and they'll be very special to have as we watch Gus grow up. If we ever have room for a little brother or sister for Gus you can rest assured we will be right in touch with you :)

Thanks again - from Mark, Glen and little Gus!


Hi Cathy- 25/10/15

We just want to thank you for our beautiful puppy Bella. She's settling in great and already a big part of our family. Thank you for the fantastic service you have provided, the beautiful dogs you have available, all the photos you have sent and just keeping us informed week to week on her progress was just great and kept us feeling involved and at ease. Thanks once again and we'll send you some photos.

Malcolm and Susanna



Hi Cathy,
We wanted to write to you to express our deepest gratitude for the journey we have been on with you as a family over the past 4 months. As you know we had a beautiful family dog that passed away 13 years ago and we have had difficulty taking the step to have another dog. We felt it was time now that our 4 sons had grown older that new memories needed to be created. 
Our 1st contact with you was very reassuring. At all times you have maintained exemplary communication and your website created a thoughtful journey which we felt like we wanted to go on. Entering your farm was an incredible experience. Most of the dogs that were on your website came out to greet us. It was surreal as we could put names to the dogs and think about the profile you wrote on each of them. We also felt we knew you too!! All the amazing photos we were sent before choosing our puppy had given us a chronicle of our puppie's life before we had ever met him!
A puppy from Cosmo and Pip was the choice for us and we couldn't be happier!! Since bringing Jax home his relationship with each of us has been adorable!! He is so affectionate and really responsive to very basic commands already. He is hilarious around a hose and constantly runs under the flow of water. He chases a ball and runs out the back with his chew toys. He has brought so much joy so far to all of us. 
Cathy we think you have a very special talent as a breeder, with the utmost concern for your dogs and also the feeling of their new owners. Thank-you so much for everything and we wish you continued success for the future.
Warm regards,
Daniel and Tracy

Hi Cathy,
Max is settling in well and is very much loved. We cannot thank you enough for your awesome service. After loosing "Buddy" our almost 16 year old heeler a few months back we decided it was time to get another heeler to our family. My first contact with you I explained that we had lost our Buddy & you were so compassionate. With Max you kept us updated with photos & messages  all the time which was so thoughtful.  I would highly recommend Cathy as she has beautiful dogs that are well cared for & loved. We will keep you updated as Max grows.
Thank you so much for everything.
Kind regards
Clare & Aaron Deery X


I first started looking for a Australian Cattle Dog back in March 2015 and as the selection seemed a bit slim here in WA, I was resigned to getting a pup from the Eastern States. But the logistics was going to make it hard as I wanted the pup to choose me, then a friend suggested to try the DogsWest web site and behold, I found Acdacres and contacted Cathy.

After reading the previous pup owner comments on Acdacres web site and talking to Cathy, I knew keeping it local was the way to go, but things got even better as Cathy turned getting a pup into a delightful experience that I have never had before. From conception to the birth and pickup I got regular updates and photos of the pups and parents. Then came the day to choose and I was lucking I was able to let the Pup choose me, which has created a stronger bond. I ended being chosen by a male who did not waste any time, so the name Loki was chosen. On our way home from the first viewing I received such a superb photo of Loki that I used it as my phone home page. Loki has been home for a week now and he is always by my side, no matter what I am doing. I really enjoy having him in our lives ♥️.

Thank you Cathy for the whole wonderful experience, you are one in a million 😀👍.

Shaun Atkins
Parkerville WA

29/4/15 Dear Cathy,

Roxy has brought joy, delight & laughter into our home on a scale we'd never imagined! God bless you Cathy, I never thought I could love an animal this much xx❤️❤️We've had Roxy home with for a little over a week now and truly can't thank you enough for our wonderful little dog! She is an absolutely delightful addition to our family, and has brought us so much joy and laughter, we all love her to bits!
Having previously had to rehome a young dog I was left with at the end of my marriage, my priority in choosing a pup now was temperament. I researched and read a great deal before contacting you and ordering our pup; your loving descriptions of all your dogs and photo galleries of beautiful happy healthy dogs made me certain one of your pups would be right for our family. 
Cathy, l really can't thank you enough. Your regular updates from the time Pip became pregnant through to giving birth, then the daily photos of the puppies as they grew had us all overjoyed and excited. The waiting time flew by, and when we met you and chose Roxy, I knew I'd made a great decision.
Your dogs are a credit to you and your family!  They are beautiful animals, superbly cared for with lovely personalities! Roxy is adorable - full of energy and mischief, intelligent and lovely. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her and my partner says without doubt when his old boy goes to heaven we'll be straight back to order a male from you! We'd never consider breeding Roxy - our choice of purebred was only to be certain that our new family member was exactly what we hoped she'd be. And all firm intentions went straight out the window the moment we got her home - Roxy sleeps on our bedroom floor and goes everywhere with me!
I would warmly recommend one of your dogs to anyone wanting an Australian Cattle Dog; I couldn't have made a better choice for my family. Will get organised & send you some pics of Roxy in her new home.
Many, many thanks once again,
Heather Read
28/4/15 Hi Cathy we were very happy with the way you sold us ridge every thing you said you would do was done. excellent service and help and beautiful intelligence pup settling in well.walks on lead like a pro.Wendy
28/4/15 Thank you for your great service Cathy.
We were very impressed how you kept us updated of puppies development by sending us lots of photos while we are waiting for pup is ready to be picked up. Your caring of pup and management were very well organized as well as make us feel welcomed. 
Our new pup "Gunna" is doing very very well. She picks up things very quickly and we are enjoying great company of gunna everyday.
Thanks so much again Cathy, 
22/4/15 Evan and Janine Hewes
We have been very delighted with our choice of ACDACRES for our next family addition. This process started some months before as we had been looking around for a while and came across ACDACRES on the internet, we have not looked back since, from the start Cathy was very good with supplying us with information and updates with the development of the puppies. It is always hard when you are dealing long distance as we are in the Pilbara, but we felt confident and at ease with Cathy and felt we have made the right choice.
At the times we visited Cathy and the puppies we could immediately see that there family and dogs share a big part of their lives and the dogs were marvellous to us as strangers, our puppy “Jaspa” is already showing these welcoming traits, we would like to thank Cathy for making this process a professional one but with the care and thoughtfulness to keep it personal as well.
22/4/15 From my initial contact with Cathy at ACDacres it  has been a delightful mix of total professionalism blended with  warm and friendly on every occasion.  We had our name down for a female, Cathy contacted me as soon as Pip was pregnant and we were sent updates on her progress.  We were informed when pups were born and consistently from then on with lovely photographs.  Cathy welcomed every question and answered instantly.  We were also happy to see the pups integrated with the family at ACDacres in a natural free range environment.  Our pup is beautiful, healthy and very vibrant.  Cathy has continued to help us with questions.  Its was a good feeling to know she sincerely cares about the wellbeing of her dogs and pups.  Excellent from every angle.  Thanks Cathy.
21/4/15- We found Acdacres on facebook, we followed their page for awhile then emailed Cathy to see if we could get on the list as we had seen that Pip was pregnant. So happy we made it on that list. Cathy is very professional and told us up front when the pups were due, how much and when we could view, choose and pick up. Sent us photos weekly so we could keep up with the pups as they grew. We met Cathy and her husband Santel the day we chose our little girl. We spent a little while with her discussing the pups and got to meet Cosmo and Pip the parents plus all the other dogs at Acdacres. i would recommend Cathy and Acdacres to anyone. The puppies all looked healthy and happy. The property is clean and well kept and you can tell by talikng to Cathy she loves her dogs. We couldnt be happier.
Susan and Steve Blundell
21/4/15 I would like to thank Cathy and her family for the great service she has given to my family and I we have now gotten  two blue Heelers  from acdacres and there both amazing and great dogs, very smart and loyal. 
I would recommend Cathy and her dogs to anyone looking for a great companion. 
Cathy is a very nice lady always willing to help you and loves her animals. It makes me very happy knowing she looks after her dogs and keeps in touch with the owners of the other dogs. 
You will feel very lucky having one of these amazing dogs because we sure do. 
Taelah and Jason 😊
Sent from my iPhone
21/4/15 Thanks Cathy
From the first time I spoke to you I was impressed with your friendly service and update of photos of your puppies. Our Jagga has settled in and is now a close member of our household . 
Thanks we will send progress pics of Jagga to you
Regards Richard
21/4/15 Cathy,
Anna and I are over the moon with our new little man “Zeus”.
From the initial phone call with you, through to when we came to pick him up has been none other than pleasant. You and your Husband are such nice genuine people and it is so nice to have met you both.
Zeus is going fantastic, we are beginning to see his little personally come out and are really excited to share so many memories with him.
Your Dogs are absolutely second to none, and we have no hesitation on recommending you to friends, family and of course anybody who meets Zeus.
We will keep you updated as he grows. 
Brendon & Anna Wilkinson
A form on your ACDAcres website was submitted with this info:
Name: Maureen And 
 Bob Allert
Message: Ralph has settled in well in his new home and is very loved by all our family. We heard about ACDacres from a friend who had bought Dash from Cathy. From the moment we first made contact with Cathy we knew we were going to get a good dog. Cathy kept us informed all through the pregnancy of Jade and supplied us with information and photos from the time the litter arrived. I could not recomend Cathy Bush highly enough. I felt like I had known her for ages by the time we finally met. The info pack has been very handy and we are thankful that Ralph has come from a good family. Will keep yours updated on Ralph's progress. Many thanks, Maureen and Bob
A form on your ACDAcres website was submitted with this info:
Name: skye-24/12/14
Message: I want to say a "Huge" thankyou to Cathy. You have been amazing from the very first phone call all the way through to us taking home our gorgeous pup. My kids loved that you send us weekly photoes so by the time we got our pup the kids already loved her.
She is so loving and playfull and has settled beautifully!!
I have already passed your name onto friends and would highly recommend you to everyone, you have been fantastic and we love our new little pup. Thank you xx
Tania 12.23.2014

Thank you Cathy for your professional and friendly manner regarding our new family member 'Dusty'. We received regular updates all the time with lots of photos and information about our puppy. All the puppies and parents look so happy on their farm when we visited. Our puppy came to us at 8 weeks old and settled in very quickly into our home and this is due to the high level of care Cathy gives to all her puppies and parents. I recommend Cathy at Acdacres as the only place to get your new family member. I have already recommended my friends and family to go and have a chat to Cathy. If you have always wanted an Australian blue heeler this is the place to come. Thank you Cathy for always willing to answer all my questions (even silly ones) quickly and professionally. Also and most importantly a big thank to you and your family for Dusty, you have made our family complete and very happy.

Michelle & Lloyd 12.23.2014

Thankyou for our beautiful girl “Billie Blue” she is just perfect! Billie has settled into her new home in Kalgoorlie and has become part of our family. Cathy has been a pleasure to deal with, keeping us updated with messages and photos the whole way through Jade’s pregnancy right up until the day we got our girl. As soon as we spoke/met with Cathy and her beautiful dogs we knew we were going to be looked after – We highly recommend her!! Thanks again Cathy :) :)

Kelvin 8.31.2014

We couldn't be more happier with our beautiful girl, from the first communication with Cathy it was nothing but 100% professional ..even to following through to helping with delivery of our special girl to Perth, we were even given paperwork about pre-paid micro-chipping details, we basically just had to fill out and post, along with a whole detailed history on parents and pictures included.. We couldn't recommend a better Breeder... Thanks again Cathy

Jenni 9.8.2014

We are so happy with our gorgeous girl 'Dash' which we had flown up to us in Karratha in July. Cathy is so professional and just an all-round lovely person, every week without fail we received pictures and updates of our girl and what she has been up to and by the time we got her home we felt like we already new her... I highly recommend acdacres when you are looking for a blue heeler our girl is just the best and so friendly and is such a stunner we get a lot of people wanting to say hello to her and admire the colour of her dark steel grey coat and markings. We couldn't be happier.

Ellen 8.31.2014

Thank you for our gorgeous girl Cathy. Nia is a little minx but just rolls on her back for a pat when she knows she has done something she shouldn't have. We love her to bits

DeAnna Robson 8.31.2014 Hi Cathy .. wonderful to see you carrying on your love of Blue Heelers! by so devotedly, dedicating yourself as a Breeder of these beautiful Australian dogs, you certainly work tirelessly to give them a very healthy and loving environment.. it was such a pleasure to see. Congratulations Cathy…

Taelah 8.31.2014

Cathy and family are amazing there service is brilliant , I recently bought a pup from them named Lacey, she is the best dog I could ever ask for , very loyal and very protective , the pups from Cathy's dogs are gorgeous great colour and markings and I would recommend Cathy and her dogs to anyone looking for a Australian cattle dog !:)

Sharon Otway 8.31.2014

We got our new family member Bella in July she us just gorgeous! Very very friendly with everyone and incredibly smart.. The service provided by acdacres is fantastic even two months after taking our puppy we receive text messages to let us know the puppy food recommended is on special at a specific pet shop which saved us $30. It us true that they really do care for there dogs! I highly recommend them as breeders if you are looking for a cattle dog. For your family. Thank you very much Cathy Sharon Otway

Shannon 8.31.2014 So glad we came here to get Nitro. Great people, great place and dogs well looked after. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Rita Cozynsen 9.1.2014

Hi Cathy, Great to see your website up and running. We are so thankful to you for giving us our "Sandy". She is gorgeous and keeps us busy all day. I was especially grateful for your updates and photos of Sandy as the time came closer for us to have her. Acdacres a wonderful place for Blue and Red Heelers. They have beautiful and healthy Puppies........Go Cathy!!


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