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Bindi is one of our girls out of Rocky and Abbey. Bindi is a very affectionate and loyal girl. She has a beautiful and unique look. Very friendly and loving like her mother and the colour, coat and intelligence of her father. She is developing into one of the best Australian Cattle Dogs you could ask for. She loves playing with her parents and dog family aswell as humans. She gets on great with both. A very out going and inquisitive girl. 


Narla is one of our own bred girls out of Rocky and Rosy. With the combination of her parents she has a beautiful friendly nature. She is very forward and outgoing. Narla just loves her family of humans and dogs. She gets on well with other people and children also. Narla is still a young girl but will be one to look out for in the future. Narla loves the water like her father and has a beautiful friendly temperament from both parents. Narla has the best looks, nature and confirmation of the great Australian Cattle Dog.

Lucilla is our young girl out of our Rocky and Lucy. Her grandparents are Cosmo and Pip. Lucilla is well loved and gives out love. She has a beautiful nature and beautiful colouring. She too is very friendly and loves to play with Matilda and the young puppies. Lucilla is just like her mum Lucy who is very loyal and protective of her family. She is just gorgeous and we all love her to bits :)) 


Max is our young and upcoming boy. He is just so playful and friendly. He is also a very good guard dog letting us know when someone is near the property. Max loves to play in the water in our mini pool and water troughs. He also loves the water coming out of the hose biting at it. Max is a charmer with the ladies. He just loves them all :) Max has a superb affectionate nature and loves being with his fellow pack and/or his human companions. We just love him dearly.


Rocky is very playful, Friendly and a great guard dog. He is our oldest male. Cosmo's half brother. He is happy and just loves people. He loves attention and is very loyal. He will stay by your side and follow you all day. He loves to play with anything he can find, whether it's a ball or a stick. He loves basketballs, tennis balls, sticks, you name it Rocky chases it. He's still young and learning every day. The girls love him. He's a charmer. Rocky is another very loyal natured dog like all our others. He's great with children, adults and acts as a guard dog at night. Best dog.


Matilda is a very affectionate, friendly, loving girl always looking for attention. She is out of our Cosmo and Abbey. A bit shy at first but once she knows you is very loving and loyal. She loves to play with the other girls and flirt with the boys just like her mum Abbey. She is very energetic and is always on the move exploring our farm. She loves to run and chase the birds. Matilda is very much a young lady and takes the younger ones under her wing and loves playing with them. She definitely is a beautiful larger girl not only in her looks but in her nature. She is definitely a ball dog :))


Pepper is our beautifully natured friendly red girl. She is a real people person. Pepper loves to play with the younger puppies. She is a very athletic girl who loves to swim and chase the water hose. Pepper can be shy at first when meeting new people or dogs but once she gets to know them you can't keep her away. She loves her car and beach trips always not wanting to miss out on a ride somewhere.


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 Acdacres Amazing Matilda
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 Acdacres Bonza Bindi
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 Acdacres Princess Narla
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 Azrar Tempest Too
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 Morview Solid Rock
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 Acdacres Lovable Lucilla
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 Melcathra Red Pepper
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